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SIT Light Strings

SKU: S1046
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Nickel-Plated cover wrap over a hard-tempered hex core. Our most popular and widely used electric guitar set. Each string in this set is treated with the exclusive S.I.T. (Stay-In-Tune) process in which a chemical adhesive is applied to the twist of the strings, causing them to Stay In Tune! More details...
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SIT Light Strings
SIT Light Strings
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Product Details
Stay-In-Tune Strings
Light Gauge
Sizes .010 - .013 - .017 - .026 - .036 - .046

Only SIT offers the STAY-IN-TUNE Guarantee - "If nothing is causing slippage on your instrument, the S.I.T. Strings Corp. guarantees your strings to Stay-In-Tune and provide unsurpassed brilliance and bendability."

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