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Travis Barker - Zildjian Artist Drum Sticks

Designed by the super quick drummer for one of the world's most colorful bands. This dynamic stick features a two-color metallic logo on a highly visible White drumstick. The stick's round wood bead and beefy neck stand up to aggressive playing styles. Great for live performance. This stick has a great throw and balance. U.S. Select Hickory. More details...
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Travis Barker - Zildjian Artist Drum Sticks
Travis Barker - Zildjian Artist Drum Sticks
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Product Details
CATEGORY: Artist Series
LENGTH: 16 3/8
WOOD TYPE: Hickory
TIP TYPE: Wood Tip
GENRE: Drumset: Country, Drumset: Fusion, Drumset: Hip Hop, Drumset: Jazz, Drumset: Latin, Drumset: Other, Drumset: Pop, Drumset: R&B, Drumset: Rock, Drumset: World
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced, Beginner, Expert, Intermediate, Professional

Zildjian Drumsticks - PLAY WITH FIRE!

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