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The Music Emporium & Allen Organ - About Our Shared Mission

To understand the mission of The Music Emporium, Inc., one must look to the history of the firm. The mission began approximately 100 years ago when Anthony M. Cannarsa apprenticed as a pipe organ architect and builder. He dedicated his life to offering the finest instruments of praise in any worship settings. As they matured, he offered his four sons the opportunity to join him. The firm developed through the years with the rebuilding of worthy pipe organs as well as the design and custom building of new instruments. The aim was always to offer the finest quality workmanship that resulted in soul lifting musical leadership.

In the early 1970s - and because of inflation’s affect on the affordability of pipe organs - the brothers came to the realization that they must look for ways to lower costs and still offer the highest quality tone. The youngest brother, Virgil Cannarsa, began a detailed search of the organ industry which resulted in an association with The Allen Organ Company of Macungie, Pennsylvania.

The Allen Organ Company, a company that began building organs in the 1930s, shared a similar mission of building the finest soul lifting instruments but by copying and recreating the sounds of the world’s greatest pipe organs. In 1971, The Allen Organ Company introduced a patented system that would more accurately recreate the sounds of the world’s finest pipes but do it in a cost effective and relatively maintenance free manner. The two companies had parallel missions. Over the years, The Allen Organ Company’s advanced technology and dedication to the art has enabled it to become the world’s largest builder of church organs with over 80,000 organs installed throughout the world. The Allen Organ Company has the ability to offer soul lifting musical leadership to any church including those of minimal means.

Allen also incorporates technology that allows any pianist without pedal playing ability to play the organ. These advanced organs can automatically offer musical leadership when an organist is not available. Future parts availability is a concern in this throw-away age. The Allen Organ Company stocks millions of dollars worth of parts that will keep your Allen Organ performing like new for many decades. A detailed study by any individual, committee or congregation will result in The Allen Organ Company being the instrument of choice offering the finest quality tone with minimal maintenance costs over its many years of service.

Follow the link to to learn more about these fantastic organs. At the Music Emporium your mission becomes our mission. We promise to provide the finest quality installation in a cost effective manner.

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